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DZ Therapy, Oswego, IL | Danielle Zimmerman
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Whether you are looking for Brainspotting Intensives or individual therapy, I can help you!

My approach is the same with all of my services. I have learned it is not about "fixing" you with skills and a safety plan, it is about holding space for you and allowing you to feel. It is about giving you a safe space when the world feels overwhelming and hard. It is about being there with you to find a way to like yourself again, maybe even finding a way to love yourself. And it is about healing all parts of yourself to become whole again.

brainspotting intensives

Brainspotting has changed my life & my mind personally, and professionally and has allowed me to help dozens of clients find the same healing and relief.

Brainspotting bypasses the “thinking” part of your brain to access and heal the root of what’s troubling you so you can journey deeper and feel better faster! 

The human brain is amazing. It has an innate healing capacity. 


A traumatic or overwhelming experience can get “stuck” in your brain and isn’t able to be filed away properly like every other memory you have had in your life.  Instead of it feeling resolved or in the past, an unprocessed traumatic memory can feel like:

  • You’re still living it over and over again

  • Strong feelings of fear, sadness, irritability, and loneliness

  • You are in danger (even when you are safe) 

  • Being uncomfortable in your own body and in the world around you 

This is how unresolved trauma keeps us from living a good life.

DZ Therapy, Oswego, IL | Danielle Zimmerman

Brainspotting is a powerful form of therapy that works by identifying eye positions that are linked to emotional activation or trauma. Once these eye positions, known as “brainspots” are located, a therapist can help the client process and release deep emotional pain and trauma as well as help to alleviate current pain and barriers to better function.


By activating both sides of the brain through biolateral music along with the guidance of finding the brainspot, we can use the brain’s natural healing ability to help you process an unresolved traumatic memory.  When the memory is processed you are able to remember the experience but you no longer feel the intense negative emotions around it. Instead, you can be at peace.

"Healing comes from within but is nurtured through connection, presence & attunement. This is how brainspotting works."

adjunct brainspotting therapy
DZ Therapy, Oswego, IL | Danielle Zimmerman

If you’re already working with another therapist and finding the work there helpful, great!


Brainspotting can be a powerful addition to your work by helping to break through a specific barrier or accelerate your healing as you continue working with your therapist.


Adjunct therapy can occur via ongoing or intensive therapy while you work with your primary talk therapist on whatever schedule feels right to you. I will coordinate care with your primary therapist to help collaborate on specific goals during our sessions to help you feel unstuck, get relief from upsetting thoughts and images, process through feelings of unsafety and constant danger, release negative beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward, get relief from intense emotions that feel inescapable, and make a breakthrough in your healing journey.


Learn more about Brainspotting in the FAQ'S.

Working together with your primary therapist, we can help you heal. 

To learn more about Brainspotting, payment, policies, and more visit the FAQ's.

individual therapy

I work with young adults & adults specializing in: 

Trauma and stored anxiety significantly impact one's mental health, often originating from adverse childhood experiences such as Childhood Trauma, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Complex PTSD (CPTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Trichotillomania, various phobias, and social anxiety.


These conditions can profoundly alter an individual's emotional and psychological landscape, creating pervasive feelings of fear, distress, and helplessness.


Understanding the roots of such trauma and anxiety is crucial for effective treatment and healing, fostering resilience and recovery in those affected.

If you are experiencing any of the above, please reach out. I would love to connect with you and see if what I offer aligns with your needs. 

To learn more about payment, policies, and more visit the FAQ's.

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